What Equipment does a Professional Wedding Photographer need?

Well I'm happy you asked!

First of all, every photographer is different. For example some photographers have a preference for Canon or Nikon and choose their wedding photography gear based on this. Also, a good photographers equipment evolves over time to include the newest camera bodies and lenses as they are released by the big brands.

This being said, let me give you a sneak peek into some of Pratik Doshi Photography's go-to set-up for wedding season 2015. In our bags at all times you will find most things on this list:


  • Nikon D810 36.3 mp FX - Quality- One of Nikon's most innovative sensor creates absolutely rich images. 

  • Nikon D750 24.3 mp FX - Versatility - With its light weight, small body and tilt screen, this body boosts your physical reach. 

  • Nikon D610 24.3mp FX -Reliablity- Having this for nearly 3 years and has never let me down. 

Yep - At Pratik Doshi Photography we are big Nikon fans, we just kept upgrading to the next model so we have quite the collection going on :) We have a D300 also that we use in photo booths with a wide angle lense.

  • Nikkor 50mm 1.4/D - The detail lens. You cannot go wrong with having this on during an event. Though small and deceiving to the eye, this lens really packs a punch. I think we own about 3 of them now. 

  • Nikkor 14-24mm 2.8- The dance floor lens, I love this lens. It creates alien like images that really show movement and emotion. One of Nikons flagship wide angle lenses, this really can add something magical to an event album. 

  • Nikkor 17-55mm 2.8- Our secondary wide to normal lens, We use this mostly for multi shooter events, or when we need the photobooth to have some pop. 

  • Nikon SB910, SB800, SB600, and 2 SB400 Flashes Although personally I'm all about natural light, sometimes you just need the boost, and its not even a question when shooting indoors or at night. The problem with these fellas is they devour AA batteries. We carry a bunch of those on hand as well at all times.

  • Tamron 70 - 200mm, 2.8/ VC USD . This baby is THE wedding photography camera lens. Consistent and just as reliable as the NIkkor 70-200 2.8 VRII we have tested previously. We keep 2 versions of it handy, one as a main lens, the other older model (Sigma 70-200 2.8 OS HSM)  as back-up just in case (fingers crossed) the other one becomes damaged during an event. Its powerful zoom allows you to get in close and personal so that you don't miss a single tear or detail during the wedding ceremony, without having to be in the bride's mothers face - which I am sure is greatly appreciated. Plus the low F stop provides that sharp focus and excellent bokeh (blurred out background that we are all so warm and fuzzy about.)

  • Sigma 35mm, 1.4DG ART Series. Remember what I said about not getting in people's grill while you shoot? Scratch that. This beauty up close at 1.4 lets you get details up close perfectly. It is perfect for capturing wedding decorations and details on gowns, the rings, and it's actually pretty damn good at capturing everything else as well. This is my go-to lens. It's not too heavy either which my arm and shoulder appreciate after hours of shooting non-stop.

  • Quantum 1+ Battery Pack This rechargeable battery pack is pretty cool because it allows us to save a bit on AA batteries for the flashes. It will last us an entire event, so I would say it replaces roughly 10 AA batteries in every charge, probably more.

  • 8 Lexor 64GB 1000X SD cards Lexor is just really cool. We like them because if a memory card fails, they recover the images and replace the card for us free of charge. Convenient huh? We think so too. :)

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Best wishes, 

The Pratik Doshi Photography Team

Best of New Jersey Event Photography

Rutgers Belly Dance Spring Hafla 2015

As you may know, at Pratik Doshi Photography we are passionate about Wedding Photography above all else. However when the Pratik Doshi Photography team is not busy at the orders of a beautiful glowing bride on her special wedding day in NJ, NYC or somewhere else around the globe, we always find other fun, meaningful events to photograph.

In this case, a couple of weeks ago, the Pratik Doshi Photography team partnered up with Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey to take pictures at their annual belly dance troop spring event.

This talented self-managed all girl group put on a colorful and fun performance complete with free food, beverage and even free henna art for all!

One of the Team Choreographers is actually a really talented henna artist herself. She is a great contact for anyone looking for a bridal henna artist or henna for another event. If this sounds like you or someone you know, get in touch with Arayna at www.hennafly.com and mention we sent you for a discount! 

Enjoy some of our favorite shots from the event below and as always get in touch if you’re planning an event of your own, wedding or otherwise. We will be ecstatic to share a special day with you and capture the memories for years to come!

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The PDP Team

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