Best Engagement Party Ideas

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If you stumbled across this post, odds are you are here to see Leana and Nick's party pictures from this past weekend's event or you're engaged (congrats!), or maybe you just know someone that is engaged or maybe I'm completely off...but nevertheless welcome to Pratik Doshi Photography's blog! :)

Now, assuming that you or someone close to you has just gotten engaged and you are to some extent involved in the event planning of the whole situation, this post will hopefully be useful to you so please read on. You are probably wondering a million things like for example do I have an engagement party? If so, what do I do, where do I host it? Should it have a theme? Should I invite the whole office? Is it Ok to wear white???! OMG I have to set a date, find invitations, find a venue, HLPGkiqHp08*R$$#!!!!!

Take a breath, here are our 2 cents on the matter:

1) Q: Do I have an engagement party? A: Yes, have an engagement party to gather friends and family and commemorate a special milestone like this. Plus hey, any excuse for a party... am I right?

2) Q: What do you do? A: Whatever you want! It's your party after all, and everyone attending will be there to support you and be happy for you so there is really no going too wrong...or if it does turn out to be something really weird, odds are your friends and family had predicted it already and have grown to accept it. LOLZ

3) Q: Should it have a theme? A: Ummmm, YES, just consider this party invitation: "You're invited to Kim & Kanye's Engagement Party". OK now compare it to this one: "You're invited to a Kim & Kanye Engagement party this Saturday, we will have a fun contest and will award "grammy awards" to the winners that our Kanye West impersonator may or may not have an opinion about... yea I got kinda carried away... anyway I was just kidding, themes are always fun, absolutely true, but for the real answer to back to point number two. It's your party and you can do whatever you want to. 

In case you want some ideas, here is a list I have compiled with what I have decided are some of the best engagement party themes in the world, ever. I wont include Kim and Kanye simple because that one is obvious plus I already talked about it earlier. Here goes:

  •  Colors

Pick 1, 2 or 3 colors that mean something to you or that you simply find aesthetically pleasing and use them for inspiration for your invitations and party decorations. You can take is one step further by asking all of your guests to dress in the specified colors. You can choose to play along, or be the only one going against the rules and thus standing out a bit more on your big day. My personal favorite is an all white party. This theme goes best with beach/outdoors/summer events but is also super fun at night or indoors especially if you are having a dance floor equipped with black lights. You will all glow in the dark like crazy!

  • Cultural Food

Do you have a favorite cuisine? Why not use it as inspiration? I'm not sure if sushi is Leana and Nick's favorite food, but they chose to have their engagement party, photographed in these images, at a sushi place and it was pretty awesome! Earlier this year, Pratik Doshi Photography photographed a Mexican themed wedding reception with themed food, drinks and even HUGE Mexican sombreros, maracas, mustaches and all types of fun accessories for the photo booth. It was an absolute blast!

  • Activity

Choose a fun activity for everyone invited to your event can partake in and have fun with! Go for crowd pleasers such as a wine tasting engagement party or go for something completely unexpected like horse back ridding or boating. You might want to give your guests some kind of a heads up about the dress code in some of these cases... 

  • Location

Everyone has heard of destination weddings, well same concept different occasion. Choose a location outside of your home town or the city where you now live to have your party and make it a weekend trip or an overnight adventure for your guests! It doesn't have to be too far if you don't want to or are scared it may be inconvenient for some of your guests, just think about the endless possibilities: beach, winery, friends vacation cabin, etcetera etcetera and if any of these sounds like a good idea for you, go for it.

  • Surprise Engagement Party

This one might be tricky because you don't want anyone missing your party BUT if you can pull it off could you imagine people's faces when they realize they have just walked into your Surprise Engagement Party?! "Hey, happy you made it to my party, plus hey, we're engaged!!!!! SURPRISEEEEEE!!!!" Maybe a good idea is to use a birthday party or some other important occasion to gather everyone and then spring the good news on them.

  • Costume Engagement Party


And now to conclude the list, some other random ideas I stole from an article I just goggled by The Knot because I was running out of original content:

  • Wine tasting Engagement Party
  • Cooking Class Engagement Party
  • Rooftop Engagement Party
  • Chocolate and Champagne Engagement Party
  • Buttoned up BBQ Engagement Party
  • Beach Clambake Engagement Party
  • Brunch Engagement Party

4) Should I invite everyone from the office? 

Just kidding about this section! But seriously, yea invite everyone..... poor Larry, Gary, Jerry Gurgrich...

Hope this helped a bit and hope you enjoyed these pictures from Leanna and Nick's engagement party last weekend. Leave us a comment or reach out through our contact form to ask for a photography quote for your event! Also don't forget to follow us on social media. We are on Facebook and Instagram!

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