Pallavi and Vivek's Indian Wedding Bridal Portrait Photography - Rutgers Gardens, New Jersey

Rutgers Gardens, located just east of U.S. Route 1 on Ryders Lane in New Brunswick, New Jersey; is comprised of a series of horticultural collections arranged in garden settings and spread over fifty acres. These collections and garden areas, the oldest of which dates back to 1927, feature a diverse variety of landscape plants with origins that span the globe including a breathtaking bamboo forest.

The gardens are usually calm and relatively empty, making the combination of calmness and natural beauty, the perfect location for a photo shoot.

This was the setting we chose to capture bride and groom Pallavi and Vivek’s bridal portraits. The bride wore a royal blue gown with gold detail that matched the groom and contrasted beautifully with the greenery that surrounded us in the gardens.

Pallavi and Vivek - here is a small sample of your portrait shoot. You two are completely in sync and it really shows. We hope you enjoy the photos. More to come soon!

Best wishes,

The PDP Team

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Best wishes,

The Pratik Doshi Photography Team