2015 Trends in Wedding Photography - The First Look

First reaction wedding pictures always get me...

What is "The First Look" you ask? Well let me tell you all about this trend that continues to gain popularity in 2015 as part of the wedding photography package.

The first look or the "first reaction" takes place when the groom sees his bride dressed in white for the first time. Typically this took place at the end of the wedding aisle, when the father walked the bride to her new husband and revealed her face by removing the veil. 

Nowadays, with everyone pressed for time and couples wanting bridal portraits many times before the actual wedding ceremony, this first look takes place ahead of time. In this case a growing trend is to plan this first look and capture the reaction on film (or digitally in this case ;).

The easy way to go about this is to find a nice location before hand and take the groom there. He must wait standing or sitting with his field of vision turned away from the direction in which the bride will arrive shortly after. Once photographers are in position, the bride is queued to walk up to the groom from behind and tap him on the shoulder. This is his hint to turn around and see the bride in all of her glory for the first time and take a minute to let it all soak in.

Let me tell you why first look/first reaction photo session always gets me. You would think that something so planned would be void of genuine emotion and look, well, planned, but think again! Time after time, I see grooms overwhelmed with emotion and brides driven to tears when it comes time to turn around and see each other for the first time in their wedding gowns/ suits.

Check out our latest First Look Shoot for the beautiful Mahjabeen and her now husband Danijel at the lovely New jersey Wedding Venue: Frogbridge - Windows on The Water.

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